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SAFe Agile Application in Automotive

SAFe Agile Application in Automotive – In the automotive development, especially in-vehicle infotainment and connectivity systems, there has been a transformation process from the standard cooperation model of OEM plus Tier-1 to a scheme of partial development within automakers at least at the software code level (software houses), although in some cases even the development of hardware components is taken into internal centers. There are many tasks that can be solved by this approach, but the main goals are, of course, the most pragmatic: such a model of development is cheaper and more flexible.

It is leading to SAFe Agile Application in Automotive another difficult question: how exactly to manage such type of development in a company that has never been particularly involved in it? Following the standard V model of development will cause the loss of the main advantage of in-house development transfer: flexibility. The result of such work will be the same as from Tier-1, but from its own internal departments. The alternative approach would be various different Agile frameworks and SAFe Agile, which is most ready for complex systems development

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